Our Practice

Dr. Violet's office in Twinsburg, OH.

About Our Practice

Violet Orthodontics is the orthodontic practice of Dr. Violet Barbosa. Dr. Violet’s clinical experience combined with a caring staff ensures thorough, comfortable and results-oriented treatment for patients of any age, from children and teens to adults. We are looking forward to giving you a smile that lasts a lifetime.


To help individuals improve their dental health, self-esteem and confidence with healthier, more beautiful smiles.


Inspired by nature’s secret of golden proportions, the Violet flower embraces a passion to restore harmony or beauty of form to an individual’s teeth. The flower is delicately placed on the enamel of a tooth. Enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body and it symbolizes the values of our practice.


Innovations are constantly advancing the field of Orthodontics. We stay current in our knowledge of the discipline so that you get the best treatment. We take pride in using braces and appliances that are made in USA where there are stringent quality controls.


We deliver care which in our judgment is in your best interest, at all times.


We are honest with our patients, staff and suppliers at all times.


The financial positions of patients differ. We offer flexible payment options to suit your unique circumstances.